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Free Daemon Consulting family of sites:

  1. Free Daemon Code, free hosting for free software projects.
  2. Free Daemon Hardware, free hosting for free hardware projects.
  3. Free Daemon Consulting, "... in support of free software solutions."
  4. Free Daemon Hosting, this server.

Hosted Sites:

  1. The Cosmic Code
  2. IAX World
  3. Island Creation Mosaics
  4. Datalink library for the Ironman watch
  5. Fries Pictures
  6. YanOS

Mirrored Sites:

  1. LAM MPI, local mirror of the LAM web pages.
  2. OpenBSD web pages
  3. OpenSSH web pages

Users with web pages:

  1. Todd Fries (http://todd.fries.net/)
  2. Kyra Fries (http://kyra.fries.net/)
  3. David Fries (http://www.fries.net/~david/)
  4. Ruth A. Dickinson (http://www.fries.net/~rad)

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