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Welcome to Free Daemon Hosting. We have information about pricing, and services offered available. We hope to be able to provide more detailed information about our services in the near future.

Please be aware, this is secure hosting, using OpenBSD and systrace and encryption for your password (for example, we do not permit logins via ftp(1), but require sftp(1)) and such.


 /day'mn/ or /dee'mn/ n. [from the mythological
 meaning, later rationalized as the acronym
 `Disk And Execution MONitor'] A program
 that is not invoked explicitly, but lies
 dormant waiting for some condition(s) to

Free Daemon Hosting is an enterprise of Free Daemon Consulting which is owned and operated by Todd T. Fries , in support of free software solutions. May we all endeavor to leave positive lasting impressions in our inter-galactic community.

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